About Me

Have you ever had the sense that magic was truly possible, but not known how to achieve it?

Ever since I was a child I was aware of another possibility whereby our lives could truly be a magical gift and that we could change the world by our very being. That awareness took me into a journey into the metaphysical realms where I discovered lots of amazing tools and had lots of awarenesses but the things I desired to change would never truly change for me. Everyone else around me seemed happy and content but something was not working for me and I just figured I was more screwed than others. I remember getting to a point where i put out a strong ask to the Universe that if magic is truly possible then please show me the way to creating and being that possibility on the planet. About a year or so later I discovered Access Consciousness and "got my bars run". When I got off the table it was the first time I had a sense of peace in my life in a long time. From that moment on my life changed. 

Shortly after my life changed dramatically and in a way I definitely at the time wouldn't of seen as a gift but ended up being something way greater than I could have imagined. I ended up moving towns and started receiving regular sessions and  doing Access classes starting with the Access Bars class and then The Foundation class. Within a few months the trajectory of my life changed and I actually wanted to start living it. Shortly after I became a Certified Facilitator  and started travelling the world and have never looked back. 

To say that these tools have changed my life is a huge understatement. I use these tools of Access Consciousness in my every day  life, my business and every interaction I have. 

I now travel the world facilitating  people and classes as well as doing sessions and empowering people to know that they know, and to know that they are not as messed up as they think they are.

What if changing the things that you thought were impossible to change was far easier than you have decided it could be?
What if you are the true creator of your life? 
What if you have the power to change it?
I hope to meet you somewhere in the world soon!

​Simon Fooks